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Rod Howell, founder of United Taps

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My typical response time is less than 24 hours!

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Monday – Sunday 9:00am to 3:00pm

About Rod Howell and United Taps

Hi, I’m Rod Howell and I own and run United Taps. I take great care of my customers. If you have a problem or issue with anything you purchase from United Taps I’ll take care of it or give you your money back!

I’ve been teaching and choreographing tap dance for over 25 years and I apply all that experience to each one of my videos.

I’ve created choreography for everything from beauty pageants to TV and I’ve taught master classes all across the country. In short, teaching and choreographing tap dance is what I do.

I also write my own music to tap to (for beginner and adv-beginner lessons), and design my own websites (this one included). So United Taps is very much my baby so to say. I take it seriously and I strive to make every customer happy and to give back when I can.

I really believe United Taps is teaching the world to tap dance!

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