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Join more than 5000 people who have enjoyed tap dancing with my videos!

I’m Rod and my goal is for you to have an incredible tap dance experience. Together we’ll have fun, strengthen our bodies and sharpen our minds. When you feel ready, go ahead and take the next step and we’ll begin!

$59.99 $35 - DIGITAL FORMAT (Download & Streaming*)

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Buy Now and Get FREE Shipping in the USA - Downloads are immediate.

Shipping: 1-2 weeks in the USA, 2-4 weeks ($20 extra) outside the USA

Money Back Guarantee

This site is a secured Norton Safe Site.

100% Money Back Guarantee. Ask for a refund. Get a refund. Simple as that.

$59.99 $35 - DIGITAL FORMAT (Download & Streaming*)

Send Me DVDs + Digital Format - $89.99 $55

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We have a better deal here!

12hrs of easy-to-follow video lessons.

Notes with counts for every lesson.

A stronger body and sharper mind.

Lifetime ownership.

Fun exercise that makes you smile.

These lessons start you from the very beginning and we don’t assume you know anything. We teach everything slowly and clearly and we do everything you learn several times so you can get comfortable with the moves.

The best part is that we have tons of fun while doing it!

These lessons teach you 37 tap steps, and combine them into 16 combinations (short dances). You’ll be amazed how quickly you get comfortable with the basics and you’ll be doing your first combination by the end of the first lesson!

Steps & skills you’ll learn include:



Toe Toe Heel Heel





Toe (Tip)


Step Heel

Dig Toe

Dig Toe Step Heel






Flap Heel

Flap Ball Change


Spank Step

Spank Step Heel

Spank Step Ball Change


Shuffle Step

Shuffle Ball Change


Cramp Roll


Maxie Ford

Waltz Clog

Heel Stand

Step Heel Turn

Flap Heel Turn




Executing Multiples

Swing Rhythms


12hrs of easy-to-follow video lessons.

Don’t be fooled - No one learns how to tap dance in a single lesson or video (that’s why we give you 12). If you’re going to invest your time and money in learning tap dance, get the best set of lessons you can find!

You want lessons that:

Build your confidence so you dance with pride not uncertainty.

Teach you a variety of steps so you never get bored doing the same old moves.

Make you sweat a little so you feel like you really worked your body that day.

Leave you with a smile on your face because the lessons are fun, upbeat, and easy to follow!

Give yourself the best!

Our lessons do all of that for you!

When you do something you love that strengthens your body and sharpens your mind you can’t help being a happier healthier person.

I had a man tell me he felt my tap dance videos had literally saved his life. He had struggled with his weight most of his life and ended up losing 60 pounds just by tap dancing with my videos!

Tap dancing makes you happier and healthier!

“Thanks again for putting these lessons together. There really is nothing else out there like it! I don’t know if I could have learned how to tap without it. You really are keeping the art form alive.”


- Tommy from the USA

“I really enjoy the lessons. The lessons are easy to follow, your instruction is really clear, and I enjoy the conversational aspect to your teaching because it makes it feel like a real class situation. I think I got good value for my money and it's lots of fun.”   

- Simone from Australia

This lessons series is popular!

No expensive subscriptions here - you get to keep these for life!

If you ever misplace or lose your files we will replace them free of charge.

You can download the lessons for offline viewing.

Yours for life!

This is your moment!

It’s too difficult or I need a harder level? We can exchange the lessons for a different level at no cost or give you a full refund. Remember, we want you to have a great experience.


You’re presented with a web page and email containing links to your content (DVD orders get a separate email for tracking).

If you lose/delete your files, email me at and I’ll send new ones.

If you have a problem contact me at or 1-888-210-1075. I will solve it to your satisfaction or refund you!



Whether you’ve tap danced before or not, you can expect my lessons to start from the very beginning. I don’t assume you know anything. So I teach everything from scratch. Even if you know how to do some steps I can almost guarantee I will have a different approach to that step than you’ve been taught previously.

I will help you identify common problems and teach you exactly how to fix them. When I teach you a step we will go over that step many times before moving on. My goal is for you to build skill and confidence together as we progress. When I teach a combination (essentially a short dance) I go over it many times to make sure you have it. Again this makes for a more enjoyable experience for you so you can really get the material down pat.

Don’t expect it to be easy. I’m not being discouraging here - I just want you to be realistic. Your entire life the only things you’ve done with your feet are probably standing, walking and running. That’s it. Your hands though type, swipe, play games, hold silverware, write, etc. They are used to doing many things. Your feet are not though - so you need to give them some time to try to get used to doing something new and different.

Do expect to have fun. Just because it’s not easy at first doesn’t mean you won’t have fun. In fact one of the biggest comments I get from people like you who buy my lessons is how much fun they’re having while getting their exercise in. Some have even told me they specifically chose to learn tap dance because they hate traditional exercise and tap dance looks like fun. They’re right!

The other thing I love about tap dance is how much it works your mind. Going for a walk is great, and I love walks, but it’s not going to keep your mind sharp like tap dancing is. Coordinating your feet to the music and transferring your weight to the right place without losing balance is really good for you.

And frankly the thing I find most rewarding about sharing these lessons is knowing I’m helping other people lead happier healthier lives. If that wasn’t such a big part of this venture I would have quit long ago.

One more thing I’d like to share with you is how I was as a student. I was slow. I was slow to pick up something new and slow to be able to do it well. In fact I’ve been a slow learner at most things in life! I’m not proud of that, but it has helped me tremendously as a teacher. Because I didn’t get things on the first try, I’ve never assumed my students would either. I take my time teaching and explaining and repeating. This way students don’t feel lost and discouraged.

Part of the reason I learn slow is that I want to learn things deeply. I want to understand why my student’s sounds are not clear. I want to understand why they get the rhythm wrong. As I delved into each of those issues and many more I would always find very sensible answers - often ones I had never heard before. And then the beautiful thing I got to do was try them out!

It’s great to have a theory about why your students miss their sounds, but if your advice doesn’t actually help them get their sounds, you know it’s not right. So my techniques and strategies are based on what actually works in the real world with regular people like you.

The important thing is that everything I’ve learned over the last 30+ years of teaching is put into these lessons to make sure you have the best experience possible. That’s what I’m excited about - you having a great time and getting healthier and happier. That’s what makes the world a better place!

A word from Rod:


NOTE: The written notes are only available via PDF download (which you can then print if you like).


VIDEO LENGTH:  12 hrs (about 1 hr per lesson)



STREAMING INFO: We offer all our streaming through Vimeo. To access the streams, you’ll need to set up a free account with Vimeo.

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We have a better deal here!