Buying Guides

1. We Have Your Back:

If your video is too hard or too easy you can exchange your purchase for a different product at no cost.

if you are unsatisfied for any reason we will give you a refund.

2. Choosing Between the Dictionary/Syllabus, Lessons, & Practice Exercises:

A. Lessons teach you how to tap dance in detail.

B. The Tap Dictionary / Syllabus is a reference tool to allow you to quickly remember a step, learn a new step, look up a step someone else told you about, and to provide an outline of a good order to learn the steps in. It does not teach you how to put different steps together or cover common problems in executing a step and how to fix them - That’s what the lessons do.

C. The Practice Exercises are just for practicing steps in a more interesting way than straight repetition. The Practice Exercises don’t teach you how to do the steps or go over common problems and fixes. They simply provide you a short practice combination for every step in the dictionary.

D. Here’s how I would use them: I would do a full lessons series first (let’s say beginner), then I would go through level 1 of the Tap Dictionary/Syllabus and see if I knew every step by name and could do each one correctly. If I forgot one I would just play the video for that step to relearn it. Once I knew every step by heart I would start work on the all the practice exercises for the level 1 steps. This would give me a lot of extra practice on all the steps from the Beginner Lessons Series.

3. Lessons vs Choreography:

A. Each lesson has a warm-up to get you moving and get your brain engaged and in a tap dancing frame of mind. Then you learn specific steps and technique for those steps as well as common problems and fixes. After that you’ll learn a short combination (kind of like a 20-40 second dance but just with footwork - no arm or head movements) that combines all the steps you learned in that lesson. You do not learn a complete dance in the lessons.

B. Choreography is a complete dance (anywhere from 2 minutes 20 seconds to 3 minutes 3 minutes 5 seconds) you learn and perform. Think of it as a long combination of steps, however arm and head movements are included (and make it more challenging). There is no discussion of technique or common problems or fixes. The entire video is focused on teaching you the dance.

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