Beginner Buying Guide

Our Beginner Lessons 1-12 are absolutely the place to start - if you only get one thing get those - they will teach you how to tap dance!

If you want a little more I suggest adding in our beginner tap workout. It’s a fun way to get in shape, improve your skills, and reinforce everything you learned in the beginner lessons.

Pro tip 1: If you plan to buy the lessons and the workout together, get our small beginner deal instead - for the same price as the lessons plus the workout you’ll also receive all the music used in the lessons (3 albums) - that’s a $25 additional value for free!

If you’ve done the lessons and the workout you’re ready for a complete piece of choreography (2.5-3 minutes long) with arm and head movements. You can learn it just for fun or perform it anywhere you like. It will challenge your body and mind and make you feel like a real tap dancer. We have many beginner choreography options.

Finally, a lot of people like our Complete 315 Tap Dictionary / Syllabus. This is not used to learn how to tap dance (that’s what the lessons do). This is for looking up any step really fast to remember how to do it. You can learn new step from this dictionary too, but its primary purpose is to be a quick reference. It’s totally optional, but a lot of people love having it.

Pro tip 2: If you want the lessons, the workout, the music, a piece of choreography, and our dictionary/syllabus, we have a package deal that saves you tons of money. Check out our our large beginner deal.