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Photo of Rod Howell White Rectangle Beginner Tap Dance Lessons



28 HOURS of exciting tap dance lessons!

Learn 52 tap steps and 72 exciting combinations.

PDF Notes of all steps & counts.

All 18 Int-Adv Lessons

Tap Dance Workout Video

A fun 28 minute non-stop tap dance workout.

3 different video speeds.

Covers all steps in our level 4 syllabus.

Int-Adv Tap Workout Video

3 Tap Dance Guides

Choosing the best tap studio for your personal situation.

Choosing the best floor for your personal situation.

Choose the best tap shoe for you.

3 Tap Guides (PDF Only )

Tap Dance Workout Video

Improve and expand your rhythm skills.

Combine sounds in new ways with “stacking”.

Learn and improve your improvisation skills.

Int-Adv Special Skills Video

Intermediate-Advanced Tap Dance Lessons 1-18 Intermediate-Advanced Tap Workout Level 4 Int-Advanced Special Skills 3 Tap Guides

Video demonstrations of 315 tap steps.

PDF files with steps, definitions, & counts written out.

Videos organized alphabetically & by difficulty (syllabus).

Complete 315 Tap Dictionary*

Tap Dance Workout Video

Video of a fun int-Advanced routine demonstrated in detail.

PDF file of the steps and counts.

Can be done Acapella or to “Puttin On the Ritz(music not included nor is a video with music included due to copyright).

Int-Adv Choreography

Tap Dance Workout Video

*You can swap this out for choreography if you already have it.

Complete 315 Tap Dance Dictionary & Syllabus Puttin' On the Ritz Intermediate-Advanced Tap Dance Choreography I AB




Purchased separately this would cost: $145 (Digital) or $215 (DVD)


315 Deal

315 Deal Beginner Tap Dance Deals Advanced Beginner Tap Dance Deals Intermediate Tap Dance Deals Intermediate-Advanced Tap Dance Deals

Buy Now and Get FREE Shipping in the USA - Downloads are immediate.

Shipping: 1-2 weeks in the USA, 2-4 weeks ($20 extra) outside the USA

Money Back Guarantee

This site is a secured Norton Safe Site.

100% Money Back Guarantee. Ask for a refund. Get a refund. Simple as that.

$144.99 $95 - DIGITAL FORMAT (Download & Streaming*)

Send Me DVDs + Digital Format - $214.99 $125

You Save 34%

You Save 42%

Video will appear here shortly.

Hi, I’m Rod and I’ll be walking you through the process of choosing a deal and I’m also the one leading you through the videos! This is our absolute best deal at the int-advanced level. You get an incredible amount of content for a very reasonable price. Let’s look at what you get:

You’re going to have an amazing time tap dancing with this package deal. In the lessons you’ll learn 52 different tap steps, and put them together into 72 different combinations. Each lesson is carefully crafted to build on the one before it. When you learn a new step we’ll go over it many times so you can actually get comfortable at it and improve your speed and sound. Then we’ll put that step to use right away in a short combination. You’ll quickly feel your sense of rhythm improving as well as your speed.

The workout video will get your cardio in while making your tap skills better all at the same time!

In our special skills video you’ll improve rhythm, get familiar with stacking, and progress or jumpstart your improvisation.

Our world famous tap dance dictionary/syllabus which gives you video breakdowns of 315 tap steps all organized in to 7 different difficulty levels is included and you’re going to love it.

You get a super fun piece of int-advanced choreography which is a blast to learn and even more fun to perform.

You also get written notes for everything! In short, you’re going to have a blast, get in better shape, and experience the unique joy of tap dancing!

An incredible int-advanced tap dance package that brings you joy and better health!

Don’t be fooled - You’re not going to master the int-advanced level in a single lesson or video (that’s why we give you 18!). So for goodness sake if you are going to invest your hard earned time and money in a set of tap dance videos, by all means make sure it has the most fun and complete set of lessons you can find!

You should have the very best instruction available!

No expensive monthly subscriptions. Especially ones that keep charging you until you cancel (and no hassle trying to figure out how to cancel the darn thing).

Even if you lose or accidentally delete your content, we’ll give it back to you for FREE!

You can actually download the videos onto your devices and watch them without an internet connection and save your monthly data.

You OWN it forever!

Join the more than 5000 people who have experienced the joy of tap dancing with Rod’s videos!

This is your moment!

Buy Now and Get FREE Shipping in the USA - Downloads are immediate.

Shipping: 1-2 weeks in the USA, 2-4 weeks ($20 extra) outside the USA

Money Back Guarantee

This site is a secured Norton Safe Site.

100% Money Back Guarantee. Ask for a refund. Get a refund. Simple as that.

NOTE 1: The written notes are only available via PDF download (which you can then print).

NOTE 2: If you already have the tap dictionary/syllabus you can swap it out for any piece of choreography instead. Just put a note indicating what choreography you would like in the “Comments and Special Instructions” form field during checkout. See pic below.






STREAMING INFO: We offer all our streaming through Vimeo. To access the streams, you’ll need to set up a free account with Vimeo (just like Youtube or iTunes) and enter the access code you receive with your purchase.

To swap the dictionary & syllabus for an additional routine: determine which routine you want from our choreography options and type its name in the “Comments or Special Instructions” section of the check out process (see pic below). We have to do the swap manually so it may take up to 24hrs to get it.

Important Info

I’m so excited for you to jump into this package! There is so much fun tap dancing just waiting for you! If you have any questions or if I can help in any way please email me at or call 1-888-210-1075.

You’ll be presented with a web page and email both containing links to access your content (DVD orders receive a separate email for tracking info).

If you ever lose your files just email me at and I’ll help you out.

If you have any problems contact me directly at or 1-888-210-1075. You’ll get top notch support that will solve your problems!

Here’s what happens after your purchase:

It turns out to be too hard or too easy? No problem, you can exchange this deal for a different level for FREE.

You don’t like it? This is super rare, but again you can exchange this for a different level for FREE or get a full refund! Zero hassle!

But what if…

You want lessons that:

Challenge you by giving you new steps and combining them in unique ways.

Progress you in a fun, logical way by teaching you steps in and order that builds your skills naturally.

Work your body and mind in a a fun way and simultaneously strengthen your skills and technique .

Bring you happiness and fun because you’re having such a fantastic time tap dancing!

Questions?  Email Us

Type routine/choreography name here

during checkout

$144.99 $95 - DIGITAL FORMAT (Download & Streaming*)

Send Me DVDs + Digital Format - $214.99 $125

You Save 34%

You Save 42%


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