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A Data Disc is a special type of DVD that can NOT be played in a DVD player. Instead you insert it into a computer and copy the video files it contains onto your computer’s hard drive. Think of it as a usb thumb drive in disc form.




Practice 315 Tap Dance Combinations

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100 315 Practice 100 Tap Dance Practice Exercises

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Practice 315 Tap Dance Exercises

315 practice exercise combinations with easy to follow video breakdowns.

All the combinations written out with counts so you can work on them even without video.

A fun way to work on your skills that will strengthen your body and sharpen you mind!

Combinations are organized by level so you always have exactly the difficulty level you want.

Video will appear here shortly.

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Shipping: 1-2 weeks in the USA, 2-4 weeks ($20 extra) outside the USA

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100% Money Back Guarantee. Ask for a refund. Get a refund. Simple as that.

$129.99 $75 - DIGITAL FORMAT (Download & Streaming*)

Hi, I’m Rod and I’ll be walking you through the process of choosing practice exercises and I’m also the one who demonstrates it in the videos! This is so helpful - having so many combinations at your fingertips makes teaching and learning tap so much easier. Let’s look at what you get:

You’ll get video breakdowns of 315 practice exercise combinations as well as written notes. You’ll get a practice exercise combination for each step in our Complete 315 Tap Dictionary (except for 6 bonus steps). The combinations are typically 32 counts long with a slow easy to follow breakdown. After each practice exercise combination is taught you’ll do the full combination from beginning to end at regular speed and then a little faster. You’ll also receive 2 PDF files with all the combinations and counts written out.

The videos are organized by level so you’ll always have just the right level of difficulty. These practice combinations will help you improve your skill which will lead to much greater enjoyment of your tap dancing. The better you get, the more fun you’ll have!

We highly recommend you also have our Complete 315 Dictionary to make full use of this product. While the combinations are broken down, individual steps are not (that’s what the dictionary is for). For instance the buffalo practice exercise does NOT break down what a buffalo is.

315 fun practice exercise combinations with easy to follow video breakdowns.

No expensive monthly subscriptions. Especially ones that keep charging you until you cancel (and no hassle trying to figure out how to cancel the darn thing).

Even if you lose or accidentally delete your content, we’ll give it back to you for FREE!

You can actually download the videos onto your devices and watch them without an internet connection and save your monthly data.

You OWN it forever!

Join the more than 5000 people who have experienced the joy of tap dancing with Rod’s videos!

This is your moment!

Buy Now and Get FREE Shipping in the USA - Downloads are immediate.

Shipping: 1-2 weeks in the USA, 2-4 weeks ($20 extra) outside the USA

Money Back Guarantee

This site is a secured Norton Safe Site.

100% Money Back Guarantee. Ask for a refund. Get a refund. Simple as that.

The notes make these fun combinations even more convenient!

NOTE: The written notes are only available via PDF download (which you can then print if you like).







STREAMING INFO: We offer all our streaming through Vimeo. To access the streams, you’ll need to set up a free account with Vimeo (just like Youtube or iTunes) and enter the access code you receive with your purchase.

Important Info

I really think you’re going to find a lot of value in having these combinations ready at hand. If you have any questions or if I can help in any way please email me at rod@unitedtaps.com or call 1-888-210-1075.

You’ll be taken to a downloads and streaming page where you can access your content (if you ordered DVDs you can ignore most of this page, but do download the notes!). You’ll also get an email that’s an exact copy of that page so don’t worry if you accidentally close it.

If you accidentally delete your email, lose your files, or have a hard drive crash I’ve got your back! Just email me at rod@unitedtaps.com and I’ll give you access to all your content again.

If you have any problems at all you can contact me directly at rod@unitedtaps.com or 1-888-210-1075. You will get support from me directly not a call center in some far away land!

Here’s what happens after your purchase:

It turns out to be too hard or too easy? No problem, you can exchange these lessons for a different level for FREE.

You don’t like it? This is super rare, but again you can exchange them for a different level for FREE or get a full refund! Zero hassle!

But what if…

Having the combinations written out with steps and counts means you’ll always know exactly what to do with just a glance. Of course you have video if want it, but sometimes you just want to do a quick review of a combination you’ve already learned. The notes make that super fast and easy.

If you’re a teacher it’s amazing to have a huge stash of level appropriate combinations at your fingertips for class.

Fast, easy and convenient - the practice combinations are always ready.

Send Me DVDs + Digital Format - $149.99 $95

Doing a step over and over is great, but there are other ways to get better. Practicing a step in the context of a combination is a great way to get better at that step in the way you would actually use it in a class or performance. Practicing this way leads to greater confidence and is more fun than just plain old repetition.

There’s a better way to improve than rote repetition.

Don’t get stuck combining steps in the same way over and over! We’re undeniably creatures of habit and that can creep into our tap dancing in the form of putting the same steps together in the same ways again and again. These combinations offer you a chance to get out of that rut and play with different weight changes, rhythms, and patterns. It’s a fun way to change things up and keep tap dancing fresh.

Get out of that tap dance rut!

Level 1 Practice Exercise - Irish

Level 4 Practice Exercise - Waltz Clog Pullback

Level 7 Practice Exercise - Irish Pullback Heel Flap Heel


$129.99 $75 - DIGITAL FORMAT (Download & Streaming*)

Send Me DVDs + Digital Format - $149.99 $95