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Serengeti Beginner Tap Dance Choreography



Buy Now and Get FREE Shipping in the USA - Downloads are immediate.

Shipping: 1-2 weeks in the USA, 2-4 weeks ($5 extra) outside the USA

Money Back Guarantee

This site is a secured Norton Safe Site.

100% Money Back Guarantee. Ask for a refund. Get a refund. Simple as that.

$59.99 $35 - DIGITAL FORMAT (Download & Streaming*)

You’ll get this wonderful piece of beginner tap dance choreography broken down in detail on video including written notes. The choreography is taught in an upbeat way and we include the music at 4 different speeds so you can find the perfect pace for you. We even include group options if you happen to have a group!

Inspiring beginner choreography to the song “Serengeti” (music included)!

Creating a professionally choreographed tap dance is no easy task. Choosing the right steps and figuring out how to connect them in a smooth and impactful way can be really daunting. That’s why we do it all for you. This way you can concentrate on the fun part of the process - learning and performing this unique choreography.

We do the heavy lifting for you!

Again and again our customers tell us how wonderful it is to have a slow, clear breakdown of the dance that takes the time to review steps and section as you learn. This makes all the difference in the world so you’re not constantly rewinding to learn the choreography. We also film the breakdown from behind so it’s just like being in the dance studio with the choreographer. Group options are included!

We specialize in making it easy to learn or teach!

You and/or your students looking amazing is the end result of all the work that’s been put into the creation and teaching of this beginner tap dance choreography. You’re audience will love it and praise it alike.

You’re going to look amazing!

Never forget what the choreography was again! You won’t need to waste time racking your brain trying to remember what the steps or counts are or arguing with other dancers about what the actual steps are. The notes makes all of that a thing of the past.

The notes are like having an assistant in your pocket always ready to go. Whenever you want to practice you’ll know exactly what the steps are and what order they’re in. You can even mark on the notes which sections you need practice a little more on.

We’ve got notes all done for you including all the counts!

Purchase once and own forever! No monthly subscriptions or recurring fees here. You buy, you own it - for life!

What if you lose or accidentally delete your files? No problem - we’ll send you new ones at no cost to you.

This choreography and music can be downloaded to any of your devices so you can access even without and internet connection. This way you’re not using data when you don’t want to be.

Always yours to keep!

Join the more than 5000 people who have experienced the joy of tap dancing with Rod’s videos!

This is your moment!

Buy Now and Get FREE Shipping in the USA - Downloads are immediate.

Shipping: 1-2 weeks in the USA, 2-4 weeks ($5 extra) outside the USA

Money Back Guarantee

This site is a secured Norton Safe Site.

100% Money Back Guarantee. Ask for a refund. Get a refund. Simple as that.

NOTE 1: The music is included at 4 different speeds.

NOTE 2: The written notes are only available via PDF download (which you can then print if you like).


ROUTINE LENGTH:  2 Minutes 35 Seconds

VIDEO LENGTH:  2 Hours 4 Minutes





STREAMING INFO: We offer all our streaming through Vimeo. To access the streams, you’ll need to set up a free account with Vimeo (just like Youtube or iTunes) and enter the access code you receive with your purchase.

Important Info

I can’t wait for you jump into this unique choreography - I think you’re going to have so much fun. If you have any questions or if I can help in any way please email me at or call 1-888-210-1075.

You’ll be presented with a web page and email both containing links to access your content (DVD orders receive a separate email for tracking info).

If you ever lose your files just email me at and I’ll help you out.

If you have any problems contact me directly at or 1-888-210-1075. You’ll get support from me directly not a call center in some far away land!

Here’s what happens after your purchase:

It turns out to be too hard or too easy? No worries, we’ve got your back. You can exchange for a different routine or level.

You don’t like it? While this is unlikely, if it does happen you can either exchange it for something else or request a refund. Zero hassle.

But what if…

Hi, I’m Rod and I’m excited to share this wonderful choreography with you. I love the unique music used for this piece and I think you will too. Let’s look at what you get:

Video breakdown of choreography that you’ll look and feel great performing.

Written notes that make it super easy to remember all the fun steps and moves you’ve learned.

Learn completely on your own terms - wherever and whenever you want to.

A fun new way to work your body all while learning something exciting and different.

Music is included at 4 different speeds.

Send Me DVDs + Digital Format - $79.99 $45

$59.99 $35 - DIGITAL FORMAT (Download & Streaming*)

Send Me DVDs + Digital Format - $79.99 $45

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