Downloading to iOS with the Documents 5 app

  1. Download Documents 5 from the app store (it is free) and then open it.
  2. Select the option browser on the sidebar.
  3. Navigate to your email provider (i.e.,,, etc) and open your email from United Taps
  4. Tap on a file link in your United Taps email. then, tap on Done after the save file pop-up arises
  5. Tap on the Menu Icoin to get back to the sidebar
  6. Tap on Documents in the sidebar. Then tap on the Downloads folder
  7. Tap on the zip file. Then, you will see the processing graphic while the app unzips the file
  8. Tap on the new folder created from the previous step
  9. Tap on a folder or file to view
  10. If you tapped on a folder on the previous screen, you'll now see a list of videos. Tap on a video to view it

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