Unzipping Files, Adding to iTunes, Syncing with iOS Devices

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Unzip File on PC

  1. right click on the zip file/folder
  2. Select extract all
  3. Select a place for the files, then click extract
  4. Find the new unzipped folder you just created. Notice no zipper on the icon and double click it
  5. Now you can see and open all the files in the new unzipped folder

Unzip File on Mac

  1. Double click the zip file
  2. Find the new unzipped folder just created (it is in the same folder / directory as the zipped folder and double click it)
  3. Now you can see and open all the files in the new unzipped folder

Put Files into iTunes

  1. Select file, select new. Then, select playlist
  2. Name your playlist (for dictionary name it by level). Drag level 1 folder in from the downloaded dictionary (or whatever folder you have). Then, click Done
  3. To find your playlist, select movies. Then, click on the title arrow next to library. Finally, go down to movie playlists and find your playlist

If you’re only watching the videos in iTunes, repeat this process for the rest of the dictionary/syllabus levels.

If you are syncing with an iOS device you must read below (there is a special trick required to properly group the videos on your device).

  1. Select all videos in level one. Then, right click on any selected video (make sure other videos stay selected). Then, click on Get Info
  2. Check box Do not ask me again. Then, click Edit Items
  3. Select options. Then, click home video next to media kind. Next, select TV show. Please Do Not click OK yet!
  4. Select details. Then, for show type in the word dictionary or whatever you want to call it. Next, in field season, type 1. Then, click OK
  5. Select TV shows. Then, Level 1 of the dictionary (or whatever you called your videos) shows up as season 1. Next, repeat te process for levels 2-7 (each level will be called a season). This entire process is the only way to keep the steps organized by leven when syncing with iTunes

Now sync your device. The dictionary/syllabus will show up in your TV Shows tab on your device and each level will be called a “Season”. Again this is the only way to preserve level groupings on an iOS device and Apple does not support syncing standard video playlists from iTunes to an iOS device.

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