Custom Tap Dance Choreography

Made for you

We do custom tap dance choreography to suit your needs. We can do everything from solos to productions for any venue or occasion. Below are more details:

  1. We discuss your choreography needs and agree on a price and completion date. Prices generally run between $230 and $265 per minute of choreography depending on if you want just footwork, or if you also want arm movements and/or formations.
  2. Either you can provide an edited song, or we can edit one for you for an agreed upon price.
  3. Choreography usually takes a week for each minute choreographed.
  4. Your choreography will be delivered as a digital download or if you need a DVD we can do that for an additional fee.

That’s it! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

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They loved it

“I had Rod choreograph a two minute routine for me. I gave him a list of my favorite steps from his online dictionary, and he did a wonderful job of incorporating many of them into the dance, as well as challenging me with some new steps I hadn't seen before. He is supportive, energetic, and a terrific resource for the tap community!”

- Michael Santora from the USA

“We decided to put together a dancing show. Our main ingredient was the tap dancing, but the children that enrolled with us had no previous tap dancing training and experience. We were lost on that dilemma until we came across the website. We immediately requested for Rod's advice and help on the matter and he put together some special customized choreography for us that not only was original and easy to teach and learn, but also a very spectacular and fun dance. Our children are enjoying it greatly and they are very interested to keep learning this great dancing style.”

- Héctor Rojo & the Broadway Stars from México

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